The IGNITE™ Academy Digital Modules

Technology Teams can Deliver 3.3x more Impact by developing 14 New Skills, delivered across 9 IGNITE™ Modules.

Module 1: Ignite Mindset

Ignite Mindset that fosters positivism. This gives us resilience & energy.

Module 2: Cultivate Trust

Cultivate Trust to harness the power of diversity. This creates courage & openness.

Module 3: Unlock Potential

Unlock Potential that matters. This is motivation & being our best version, together.

Module 4: Inspire Vision

Inspire Vision to define a 'north star'. This is about collective purpose.

Module 5: Power Collaboration

Power Collaboration that solves problems. This is enabling teamwork & impact.

Module  6: Deliver Performance

Deliver Performance to extend positive impact. This is scaling ourselves & coaching.

Module 7: Influence Change

Influence Change that inspires. Obtain support for creating a sustainable future.

Module 8: Spark Innovation

Spark Innovation with design-thinking. Solve real problems, and build value.

Module 9: Master Communication

Master Communication by listening & persuasion. This is about understanding & influence.

Bridging the digital workforce gap is business critical for sustainable growth.

The Human Answer: Beyond GenAI And Tech Marvels

The accelerated pace of human progress owes much to the relentless advancement of technology and digital innovation. The horizon of our future is brimming with exciting promise. CEOs today continue to prioritize growth in their organizations through technology and talent.


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