PRESS RELEASE - 05.01.2024

VP of OQ Maryam Al Shaibani awarded prestigious "2023 CIO of the Year for Leadership Excellence".

In a resounding acknowledgment of exemplary leadership, we extend our sincerest congratulations to VP Maryam al Shaibani for winning the prestigious award. The selection process involved a meticulous evaluation of 153 CIOs and technology leaders across the Middle East, Europe, and the US by a distinguished 5-person multi-disciplinary panel.

The award was based on a comprehensive assessment of five critical digital leadership capabilities, incorporating 14 distinct power skills as identified by Gartner. These skills serve as strong leading indicators for a flourishing technology function in 2024 and beyond. The criteria encompassed:

  1. Strategic Thinking & Business Acumen
  2. Executive Communication & Relationships
  3. Cultural Intelligence & Political Savviness
  4. Delegation & Coaching
  5. Change Leadership & Vision Setting

Founder & Managing Partner Brendan Hooft expressed his heartfelt congratulations, remarking, "Congratulations Maryam, on yet another well-deserved award, following your notable achievements at COMEX 2023. We anticipate exceptional success for you and your teams at OQ and in Oman throughout 2024 and beyond. Your vision, courage, resilience, and leadership are truly commendable. Leading from the front and being the change you wish to see is no small feat."

This award stands as a testament to Maryam al Shaibani's outstanding contributions and serves as an inspiration for the entire industry. We look forward to witnessing her continued success and innovative leadership in the evolving landscape of technology.

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